Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the second half

My best friend sent me a card today. It's amazing how inspite of the distance, the card came at the perfect time in which I've been feeling a little down. There has been a lack of genuine affection shown in my life...hugs, kisses on the cheek, cuddling, just sitting I miss being able to do these things with Jessica. No, I am not a lesbian and I am fully aware of the connotations that come with saying those things about Jessica. However, the thought is more directed at the fact that I think most people have a lack of affection in their lives no matter who they are. It's incredible how much a hug can do for you...just like a smile. It can be infectious and lift one's spirit right away.

I've been informed this week that Katie may be going overseas for 12 months and then moving to Sacramento and with Laura moving out, I will be on my own. I guess it's about time because then I can do the things I want to do with an apartment. Decorate it how I please, keep it clean to my own standards and everything else that comes with living alone. Alone. How weird is that? I've been living with someone since I was born. This would be the first time ever that I'd be doing things on my own. I feel so adult and yet at the same time so unready for the future. I think I'll move at the end of January. I just need to find a place now. I'll have to discuss things with my parents and my Aunt and Uncle since I'm one of their tennants.

I'm quite excited for this next week. Thanksgiving is coming around and I am always reminded that I am truly blessed. God is certainly the person I need to thank for all of the wonderful things in my life. I can't wait to see my family and to spend time with them this weekend. It's always an adventure.