Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oldies but Goodies

Queen Ann Gate
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I finally got around to posting some of my older B&W pictures. I added 10 new ones that weren't previously on flickr.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

San Francisco

So I'm going to San Francisco this winter. I'm pretty excited to go since I haven't been there before. Katie and I will tour around to see all the sites. We currently have tickets to go to Alcatraz Island.

Everything I know about Alcatraz is from either A) The movies or B) Mythbusters. Hahaha, so not much. :) Doing a quick readup on the was first discovered by a Spaniard who called it: La Isla de los Alcatraces - rough translation, Island of the Pelicans. I guess there's a lot of birds in the area. Wouldn't surprise me...not since SPU developed a demonic crow population.

We all know Alcatraz was a former prison...but what you may not have known is that we didn't set up the island for miliarty purposes until the end of the Mexican-American War. Makes sense since that's when we got the Alta California and Santa Fe de Nuevo Mexico territories at that time. The Island was then used as a Military Fort at that point and the earliest prisoners were put there during the Civil War (1861). Dang! From there it turned into a Federal Prison in 1933. I guess that history is the stuff that most of us know...the various escape attempts and notorious prisoners held there like Al Capone, The Birdman and more.

I'm terribly excited to go...and I can't wait to see more of San Francisco.

Busy Busy Little Bee

Oh there's so much going on right now :) All good things, but I'm a more forgetful now than I have ever been before. Staying on top of things is hard. Now I know why some people live in Outlook...calendar appointments and reminders to do things all day. I don't know how I survived through college...maybe my brain is just getting old.

Even Winslow misses me because I'm never home anymore and when I am I zone out or sleep. lol, poor cat needs a friend. It's bad enough that he attacks my feet...he has no one to chat to all day long so he's really talkative all night.

I've really enjoyed my Live from the Mountain Music Lounge disc by the's great music to listen to and it helps calm me down. The tension just melts away when I listen. I slow down for a little while to just enjoy the music. :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

What to do with my time?

I have a lot of time on my hands now that I'm done with school. I can't decide if this means I should start studying for the GMAT to get into the MBA program...blah...homework...or if I should look into buying a condo so I can do housework...or something else. Perhaps pick up a new instrument or something. I'm starting to get a little bored at home...and I have very few nights at home already.

I feel like I need something to work on...learning new piano pieces has helped me get by for awhile now, but it's time for something new and exciting. More school? Homeownership? Travel? Instrument? But what...I realize I can be a bit lazy at times so starting school/studying doesn't sound entirely pleasing to me, but once I'm in a class I enjoy the work. Hmmm...

Welp, the weekend has been quite nice...a Show on Friday night in Ballard...a trip to the SAM on Saturday and a relaxing Sunday. I really can't complain here...especially with all the sun. It's cold...but the sun just makes these cold days that much better. :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Day of Common Learning

I can't wait for this year's Day of Common Learning. I like Lincoln. I think he's a fascinating person in our history. His personality, his approach to people and how he applied what he knew to the circumstances he was put in. This doesn't just apply to the Civil War, but also so how he approached life. He was steadfast in his beliefs...sure people make a big deal about him, but how can you not when here was a person who, from very humble beginnings, made some of the biggest changes in our nation's history.

Yeah, I'm in awe of the man. I wonder what he would do in today's society. If he would be the same person...if he would be as steadfast in his beliefs as he was when he lived.

Of all the people I could meet, he is certainly one of them. I'd also like to meet the Disciple Paul, Teddy Roosevelt as well as FDR and his wife Eleanor. Just to name a few. :)

Pretty sure...

...That the Twins got one of the coolest stadiums. I read that they're testing the lights right now...they will be on thru Friday. Awesome! I remember watching games in the old Marshmallow Metrodome. Can't say I'll miss it too much...kind of reminded me of watching games in the Kingdome.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


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I went to take pictures on campus today. It was a nice day and there was a smattering of color with all the trees changing. I found this beautfiul yellow tree outside DH.

Check out my flickr account for more pictures from the excursion.



P.S. It's also my 100th post! HOORAY!!

Consider Me Gone

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Colors

Fall Colors
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New Pictures. The leaves are turning and the nice weather is going away. Thought I'd spend my day off today taking pictures around QA Hill today. All of my shots today were from QA and different "lookouts" from my 3.5 mile loop around the hill.


Nothing New

I don't really have a lot to write about right now. Things are a little hectic in life as of late, but that's expected. School has started...our cat died (not the one I currently own) but Boots...and a few minor things here and there.

I'm sad to lose a pet of 18 years. I sure hope Winslow sticks around for at least as long. I kind of like him. :)

With school starting it makes me want to return to school and start the MBA program. I don't have much else going on, so why not? I'll study for the GMAT this year and take my test. Next fall I hope to be accepted into the program at SPU.

For now though, I will enjoy playing soccer on Monday nights...crossing guard duty on Sundays and whatever else happens to come my way. I'm excited for the year...but at the same time worried about all the changes too.


In other news...a little lonliness is creeping back in. Kind of like last winter when everyone had moved away. I guess things come in cycles...I'm not sure. But it's back. Which, I'm not really lonely for lack of friends...I'm lonely for lack of a partner in life. I started volunteering at church like my mother insisted and perhaps that will turn something up. It seems strange that this is the lonliness I'm feeling now because it's never been a big deal. Never been something that bothered me til now. I've always been pretty content to be single and have enjoyed life that way. I'm sure I'll have more thoughts on this subject at a later date...