Thursday, October 22, 2009

San Francisco

So I'm going to San Francisco this winter. I'm pretty excited to go since I haven't been there before. Katie and I will tour around to see all the sites. We currently have tickets to go to Alcatraz Island.

Everything I know about Alcatraz is from either A) The movies or B) Mythbusters. Hahaha, so not much. :) Doing a quick readup on the was first discovered by a Spaniard who called it: La Isla de los Alcatraces - rough translation, Island of the Pelicans. I guess there's a lot of birds in the area. Wouldn't surprise me...not since SPU developed a demonic crow population.

We all know Alcatraz was a former prison...but what you may not have known is that we didn't set up the island for miliarty purposes until the end of the Mexican-American War. Makes sense since that's when we got the Alta California and Santa Fe de Nuevo Mexico territories at that time. The Island was then used as a Military Fort at that point and the earliest prisoners were put there during the Civil War (1861). Dang! From there it turned into a Federal Prison in 1933. I guess that history is the stuff that most of us know...the various escape attempts and notorious prisoners held there like Al Capone, The Birdman and more.

I'm terribly excited to go...and I can't wait to see more of San Francisco.

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