Thursday, October 22, 2009

Busy Busy Little Bee

Oh there's so much going on right now :) All good things, but I'm a more forgetful now than I have ever been before. Staying on top of things is hard. Now I know why some people live in Outlook...calendar appointments and reminders to do things all day. I don't know how I survived through college...maybe my brain is just getting old.

Even Winslow misses me because I'm never home anymore and when I am I zone out or sleep. lol, poor cat needs a friend. It's bad enough that he attacks my feet...he has no one to chat to all day long so he's really talkative all night.

I've really enjoyed my Live from the Mountain Music Lounge disc by the's great music to listen to and it helps calm me down. The tension just melts away when I listen. I slow down for a little while to just enjoy the music. :)

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