Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 09

This weekend was nice. I was able to spend time with my parents as well as my relatives. I always enjoy seeing my mom and dad and hate to see them go when the visit is done. It's hard to see people who are important to me leave. But, I think it makes the little time we have together extra special and even more invaluable. I know that I wouldn't treasure these visits as much as I do if I lived near them and saw them more often.

It's the same with my grandparents. My grandma is definitely showing her age. Things are getting slower...the mind is getting worse, the body creaks. I'm really going to hate to see her go. I've loved each visit with her and my grandpa. They are so much fun to spend time with and to be near. I get to hear stories, talk to them and just be with them.

In other news...I need to figure out why MLTK is important to me. Why I want to spend time with him because each time he misjudges time and cancels on me hurts and I think it hurtsme more than it should. Like, I shouldn't be as sad about it as I am...but I can't help it. I've known him for years now and we've been good friends. Maybe it's that I expect more? I don't know what it is about him that keeps drawing me in. Sometimes I just want to ditch everything because then I wouldn't have to deal with these feelings and thoughts. BAH. To hell with this, I say.

In other news...There is going to be a new start up church called Anchor Church that's going to be in Wallingford/Phinny that I've been invited to hear more about through Seth. I just met Seth and I have no idea what his religious church beliefs are and what this Anchor church is all about, but it sounds interesting. It sounds like it will be focused a lot on community and being involved. I like that idea and it sounds like it could be a good opportunity. We'll see what happens with this and where things go from here.

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