Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Week

What a fun and long week! I'm excited for this next one too. Last weekend I went out for Korean BBQ with a group of friends. I've never grilled before, but it was a lot of fun. I can't wait to have Laura come over from Spokane so we can grill together. :)

My parents also sent me some beautiful lillies this week. It was a bit of a surprise to not have any blooming when they arrived, but I guess that means I just get to enjoy them for a little while longer. I tihnk lillies are one of my favorite flowers.

On Friday night I went to see South Pacific at the 5th Ave Theater downtown with my parents. I didn't really remember a lot about South Pacific, but it was a cute play. I think for 1949 it was a very forward thinking play due to the way it confronted people's views on mixed race couples and families. I loved the fact that this Frenchman had polynesian children who spoke French. Apperances aren't everything right? It reminds me of the time I was eating lunch on top of QA at one of the parks and a lady started talking louder and slower to me. It was a bit startling for me and quite confusing. Ah well, there's no such thing as a perfect world.

Yesterday, was Valentine's Day at the zoo. The zoo keepers put out treats for all the animals at different points during the day. Upon entry, we were given a list of times that the different animals would be given their treats. The first stop was the Golden Tamarins in the Tropical Rainforest building. They had strawberry slices and other fruits to munch on. Next was the snow leopards. I've never seen them so active! And by active, I mean up and moving around. In the end they didn't do much to their valentines, bugt at least they were up and moving. There were two pinatas of treats and a bag full of grass and something else. One cat just rubbed it's head all over the grass bag. The other two got one of the pinatas down to rip open. The pinatas were shaped like a flower and a strawberry. Apparently, there was an incident last year involving an Elmo pinata of sorts. For some reason the zoo keepers didn't have anything so they stuffed Elmo full of chicken bones and other raw meat. Elmo was ripped to shreds and the little children did not like that. HAHA! There was screaming and apparently a girl asked her mommy, "Is Elmo going to be okay?" I think someone responded by saying Elmo was so dead. Poor scarred children.

I think the best animal valentine was the Orangutans. There were jello hearts attached to the glass windows and little treats and decorations left all over there exhibit. One swung around to eat all the jello hearts...even sucking them off the window; not even bothering to peel the jello hearts off the wall. Another one just grabbed all the tissue paper balls full of popcorn. It was so entertaining to hear everyone laugh. It was great fun, it sure would be fun to go again next year to see more of the animals. A day at the zoo is always good for the soul.

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