Monday, July 12, 2010

Polaroid cat - Hipstomatic

Polaroid cat
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It's an app on the iPhone that makes the pictures you shoot look like you took them with a Holga camera. I actually have a Holga, but I don't use it too often because film development is often I am forgetful.

I like that I can just do crazy things with my phone now. It truly has become an all-in-one device.

The hipstomatic app is about $1.99 in the iTunes App store and is, I believe one of the top 10 apps right now in the Photography category. It seems as though a lot of people like playing with stuff like this.

I'm still exploring a lot of my camera settings. I was looking back through my pictures today and I noticed a recent change in exposure. I've been overexposing a lot of my pictures lately and I like the look...but I'm not sure if it's "me." It kind of feels like something I've taken from other photographers...particularly those who shoot for SPU.

In other news...I'm looking to acquire a new camera lens. I think I'll contact that friend someone suggested to me to look into purchasing his old Canon 28-135 IS USM lens. I'd really like to replace my kit lense 18-55 IS lens. I've dropped it twice now and I don't think it has a lot of life left.

I think I may look into taking a Photography class in the area...or something that has to do with HTML dev. I know that sounds very different...but I want to start working on my website and making it a little more useful. Right now it's two pages. Yeah, that's right. TWO FULL PAGES. More and more I feel like my blog has turned into a portal/hub of Karen things. I think that's a good thing. I'll just have to think on this more and figure out where I want to go with all of these random hobbies of mine. :)

There are quite a few new take a look around. Hopefully you like what you see.


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