Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Saying Good-by is Tough

I can't begin to count the number of people I have said good-bye to over the past few years. I think at the rate I'm going...I say good-bye to more people than I am meeting. Kidding. But it sure has been a lot.

It makes me think about whether or not I've put all of myself into the relationships and what things might change in my life. I am always sad when I say good-bye. It was probably the hardest when one of my best friends moved away to teach English overseas.

I have been so blessed to know these friends and while I'll miss them, I am excited for them. I am hopeful that this new chapter will be full of exciting new adventures. Wonderful new people. Experiences that help them learn and grow. And that occassionaly, they remember to keep in touch. ;-) It's hard to always want the best for them when I feel like there is now a gap in my own life. I miss all of my friends dearly. Even though there is Skype and I can talk to my friends...it's not quite the same as having coffee or getting a meal together and shooting the breeze. I will miss all the hangouts. The BBQ's. The Game Nights. The Jokes. The Laughter.

It's a new chapter for me as well. Making new friends and becomming more aware of myself and the things that I do. The impressions that I leave people with and the importance of being open and honest in everything that I do.

I am looking forward to the new year. I can't wait to see what's in store for me and all of my friends.


Lee Ryan said...

that is one thing about having been in the military all this time: regular moves meant regularly saying goodby to a hard-won set of friends and the prospect of making new ones.

kind of exciting; kind of tiring.

kiki5253 said...

Yes, it definitely can become tiring after awhile. When my best friend moved away I was already at the point of being tired of the whole process and was in a funk after she left.

I am trying to keep a upbeat mood this time around. Another round of friends are going off on new adventures.