Tuesday, May 24, 2011


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Now that I have a language partner who wants to do more than converse in English, I have found myself taking a look at my bookshelf to see what kinds of topics we could discuss.

What a random assortment of things! I have Fantasy books, classics, business books, books about ethics and philosophy, inspirational stories and autobiographies...comic books...how can you not have some Far Side and Calvin & Hobbes in your library?

I remember someone telling me once, that they hope to have a book collection like mine one day. I don't think mine's very unique...I'm sure everyone who has a library has a random assortment of things. These are all books I've acquired in college or taken from my parents when I finally moved all of my stuff out of their house.

I have some very fond memories when I look back at my library. *sigh* good times. I should read more often now...

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