Sunday, June 29, 2008


I went hiking this weekend with Jessica and it was a wonderful thing! It was nice to talk to her because we don't often get to spend hours and hours of time together. We also spent most of the day today (Sunday) together at Seward Park. It was great because we were able to take Patrick with us and we were able to talk about doubts that we have and things that are going on in our lives.

It's hard for me because I'm really going to miss this girl when she takes off for Kentucky in September. I wish her all the best and I know things will be great. She's one of those persons who will be amazing in life and sometimes I wish I had the fortitude to be like her and jump into the unknown.

Pastor Dahlstrom was preaching about "crossing divides" and "crossing over" today. It really hit me hard because he talked about how we often take the safe route because we're afraid of getting hurt or whatever else could come our way. It's particularly hard when things don't look good on the otherside. I guess that's one of the challenges I need to work on. Be willing to go when things aren't easy and jump into the unknown. It means I can't sit still on my ass anymore doing nothing. I need to get out there and find things to be actively involved in that I care about; things like Poverty and social/economic justice. It's not good enough to write a check or talk about it. If these are things I care about and people I care about then I should be out there forming relationships and start being more proactive.

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