Thursday, October 23, 2008


I started looking at my old houses today...locations on Google Maps and such and it reminded me of a lot of different memories from my childhood. Things that I haven't forgotten, good and bad and are forever etched in my memory. Jon mentioned that maybe I should keep a record of these memories and write things down. It never occurred to me to do that because they're all so vivid.

My brother being hit by a car, seeing the different fires in our neighborhood, sliding down the stairs on pillows, throwing walnuts at a concrete wall, getting a black eye, our dog dying and a multitude of other random things.

It's funny how these things, while they may be small, can still bring tears to your eyes and make you feel a certain way. Everytime I think about my brother getting hit, I think lucky we were that it wasn't more serious. He crashed head first into a cars windshield when he was in Jr. High. The ambulance came and my mom told me and my other brother to stay put. But we walked down the street anyway.

There wer emany times growing up where my parents would tell us to do one thing and my brothers and I would either do the exact opposite or something else. Funny how we all turned out inspite of doing the wrong thing sometimes. We all make mistakes and learn from them. Some of us take longer to learn than the others.

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