Saturday, October 25, 2008


I miss my family. It's been awhile since we've all been together. Maybe this Christmas everything will work out so I can go home and see everyone together.

It's so hard now because Phillip doesn't like to travel or leave home anymore. Paul lives in Boise now and really doesn't have the money to travel a lot and then there's me in Seattle and my parents in Lewiston. We're so spread out and the holidays just aren't the same.

There's a part of me that wishes we all lived in the same area. Wouldn't that be nice? The people I love the most being near each other and spending time with each other whenever possible?

I'm really going to miss our cat when she goes. Boots is the longest pet we've ever had and she's the cutest thing ever. Always demanding attention and pretending she's never been fed before in her entire life. She's a sneaky little cat.

Boots is now 16 or so...she's definitely on her last legs (no pun intended). She has personality for sure. I miss being able to play with her and rile her up in the mornings. My hands used to have scars from playing with her so much.

We never de-clawed our cat and if you got on her nerves too much you'd get a bite as well as the front and hind claws digging into your hand. It was never really bad enough to draw blood and I have to admit, I would pick on her for fun. She was just so much fun to antagonize. :)

Oh the memories of childhood. Getting hit in the head by basketballs, attending soccer games, learning to play instruments, sledding in the street, the car trips, the pranks pulled, launching golf balls with a slingshot, planting trees, playing in the backyard, walking on the fence...where has the time gone?

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