Friday, December 26, 2008

Home and Christmas and such...

It was great to fly home on Christmas day! I ran into someone who knew Phillip at SEATAC. Turns out he lives in Seattle and we're flying back on the same flight (Monday evening). Perhaps we'll see each other again...maybe even get together in Seattle for some havoc. :)

It's weird to not be at work...this has been an incredibly nice vacation and I have enjoyed not working. But it's also been hard because I haven't seen anyone in about a week and a half. Getting snowed in in Magnolia is kind of a PITA. The roads are closed and I can't take my car anywhere. That means I watch a lot of TV. Boooo! Some TV is good...I can enjoy bits and pieces, but to constantly be watching TV and different brain just dies. Thank goodness for the friends that could get around. They would pick me up and take me out. I'd get to visit people and play games and do something different.

So the new year is about to start. Crazy...I have some things I need to finish up before the end of the year. Taxes might be one of them...mostly getting my transcript in so I can finally graduate and submitting my address change to the DMV. Now that I live in Magnolia I apparently have to tell everyone so I don't get fined or summed or something weird and then they can't find me and life sucks. Oh well!

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