Friday, September 11, 2009

News Flash or Update...whatever you want to call it

I haven't played in years...the last time I played I was doing 4 or 5 on a side soccer with girls. I haven't played a full field with 11 players in awhile. But I'm totally stoked for my first game on Monday. I know it won't be anything like the competitive soccer I played growing up, but it will still be a lot of fun and a good learning experience.

The team's name is Yo Mamma's Cleats and we're playing Co-Ed Division 5A soccer. Which means we're kind of competitive I think...not the types that have never played before. hmmm...Should be an interesting season. Games go through November and hopefully those who are playing this year will want to continue on in the years to come. :)

In other news...It's a three day weekend for me. Which translates to...time to clean and make my apartment look nice. Elisa is coming to visit this weekend. There's an opportunity to take pictures at the Korea Cultural Festival tomorrow...Sunday is hiking day. I think I just might die going up Granite Mtn, but who cares? I get to spend the day with my dad! He's driving all the way over from Idaho just for a day hike. I'm sure he'll be exhuasted but we're both pretty excited. Dave and Josh are coming too! It will be a great day and the weather is supposed to be nice and sunny all weekend long.

The start of school is just around the corner. I'm not ready, but I don't think I've ever really been prepared for what the new year brings. There are new faces, new problems to be solved and this year, add a team merge in and things will just be exciting and unpredictable.


Today is also the anniversary of those terrible attacks 8 years ago. 9/11. What sad numbers. Forever attached to something that still haunts us all. I remember that day well, I was living in Minnesota at the time and about to take a biology test. Someone came in to tell us the news, but we continued on with the test anyway. When class was over I went to English next and from that point on the TV was on the rest of the day in all of my classes.

Seeing the footage was surreal. I kept thinking that can't be's like the movies. But no...planes crashed, buildings collapsed and people died. These things have happened all over the world but never in the U.S. We were all shocked that something like this could ever happen to us. In fact, today when I see news about terrible things still doesn't register the same way 9/11 did. It's a world away.

The event brought up a lot of quesitons about God and religion. For awhile it seemed that we were all clinging to something that would make sense...something that would explain these events. Many of us probably didn't get an answer or we didn't get one that satisfied us and made the pain go away. I know I hate it when that happens and I'm sure everyone else does too. It's a daily struggle to believe in something or someone that doesn't give me the answers and reasons I want to hear.

The problem of evil is something I ponder often. I still don't understand why evil exists...why people get hurt and why people who do nothing wrong suffer while some who do everything wrong receive great things. It's upside down isn't it? Someone I knew in college just received word that his cancer came back. I cry when I think about what he's going through right now. It's certainly not fair. I don't know what the larger plan is, but I think there is one. God can turn something bad into something good even if the results aren't right now. I have hope for something better and something more. There is something more isn't there?

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