Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WWU campus - ResNet

WWU campus
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I was at a conference on the WWU campus the past 5 days. It was an interesting experience. I learned quite a few things that I'll be able to take with me to work. I'm excited to see how that'll impact training and the relationships in my office.

This weekend was also an opportunity to spend time with family. My father's birthday was on Thursday and it was great to see my parents. I also enjoyed seeing my aunt and uncle while I was conferencing. My aunt always has great insight into a lot of things...especially about me. They're not always things I want to hear about myself, but they're helpful. I always feel more encouraged when I leave to return to Seattle.

I'll write another post about what I learned at the conference later. For now, check out the latest pictures I uploaded to my Flickr account.

- Cheers

Play Nicely, Play Safely and Play Fully - Title of my next post.

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