Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Beginning to Something Beautiful

Wedding Program
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This weekend was my last wedding for the year. What an exciting year for weddings it has been! I was invited to eight different engagements and was able to attend six of them. I'm very happy for everyone who has found someone to spend the rest of their lives with. It truly is the beginning of something beautiful.

Everytime I go into a wedding I feel strange. Maybe it's that I attend the weddings without dates, but for some reason I feel like I'm missing something. It's probably that special someone and the desire to have that kind of relationship. I know it's not the time for these things to happen and I'm happy to be single. No, I'm not saying that I don't wish for a relationship, but...I am finding that I do like my singleness. I enjoy living by myself. I get to do whatever I want to do without worry that my other half might not enjoy it or doesn't have the time. There's no compromising or conflict. These are not excuses...if you're reading this and thinking this is some poor sap just trying to convince herself that she's happy then you're WRONG and you should go stick your head in the toilet. Who's to say I'm happy or unhappy or fooling myself except for me. What you think doesn't matter when compared with what God thinks and my response to Him.

At this last wedding the pastor made some blatant sexist remarks during his introduction to why we have weddings. I joked about it with my friends but it made me ponder the types of roles the husband and wife have in a marriage. The things that are truly important that cannot be compromised because the other person is hot/sexy or intelligent. The pastor was telling a story about how he wanted to make authentic neopolitan pizza and had wrecked what he considered to be his wife's oven "HER OVEN" to be exact. It wasn't something that was shared between them....there were clearly role distinctions that dictated she was the housewife and he was the man in the story. I'm sure that their relationship isn't actually like that, but it's funny how the little things we say on a whim can have such a huge impact.

I'm not sure what my list of things I cannot be swayed on is just yet. There's a few things that I know for sure, must be present in a man for me to give my heart away. But it's just something on my mind right now. Maybe you have a good list...and this has to be a list that's better than "Good Kisser, Likes to Read, Takes Long Walks on the Beach and Loves to Cuddle" kind of stuff. This is the where do you stand on Morality, Faith, Family and Values list.

I have a few new pictures up from the wedding and other weekend events. Enjoy!


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