Monday, September 26, 2011

Crazy Summer

Lily by kiki5253
Lily, a photo by kiki5253 on Flickr.

What a crazy summer...I can't believe the school year has already started.

What's strange about this summer is that I hardly did anything. I didn't take any time off to go anywhere because I've been saving my vacation time. My entire summer was used up by studying, reading, practicing Korean, meeting tons of new people, crocheting, cooking and work. These all seem like normal every day things that I would do at any point during the year, and yet I feel like I've had a crazy summer.

The picture of the flower though, reminds me that I should slow down and reflect on the beauty that was my summer. I met so many wonderful people from Korea during my summer. I will miss them fact, I already do. I feel invigorated after this summer...a renewal in many of my interests and, travelling around Seattle (day trips in the area) and taking the time to spend my weekends with family whenever possible.

My parents and oldest brother moved to the area this past year and what a joy it has been to be so close. When I was 18 I wanted out! I wanted to get way from everything I had known and spread my wings. I wanted to try new things. I wanted to fail and succeed on my own. There are things that even now, I still haven't done by myself. That will change before the end of the one of the biggest ways. Travelling overseas by myself.

I'm incredibly excited to have this opportunity...I know this isn't something that can happen on a regular basis and I am grateful for this chance. I'm scared to death, but I am also looking forward to what I will learn about myself and about the Korean culture.

Summer has given me just a small glimpse into both of those things...As summer draws to a close I can see that I have grown a lot in my awareness and understanding of who I am now and what type of person I want to be in the future. I've also come to a better understanding...or maybe I am more comfortable with what was already there...I am getting more comfortable with the fact that I am a Korean American. It's funny...i check the box that says Asian or Korean...and yet I am completely 100% American. Tying the two together has always been a challenge for me and after this summer, I feel like I'm closer to understanding what it means to be adopted to be Korean and to be American all at the same time. It's a beautiful thing...incredibly frustrating too...I don't always feel like things are beautiful like this, so I'm sure this feeling will fade away like this flower, but there is always renewal. The rain has's refreshing and invigorating. I'm excited for this next season.

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