Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 random things about me! :)

1. Both of my brothers and I are adopted. I'm the only international one.

2. I had never been ice-skating till two years ago and received a concussion for it.

3. I tore my ACL in high school because I was playing touch football. I have never broken a bone though.

4. I pulled a muscle on a hike up Mt. Rainier. To this day, my leg still gives me grief.

5. I love arranging flowers for people or for myself. If you need a florist let me know. I used to work in a floral dept.

6. I was a biochem major when I first started college.

7. I failed my first class ever in college. Chem 1212. Now you know why I have a BA in Business Administration and not a BS in Biochemistry. :)

8. I have worked on computers for the last 5 years, before that...I worked in a Grocery Store.

9. I have a thing for ABBA and love the musical Mamma Mia!

10. My favorite movie is in fact a musical called "Singin' in the Rain" starring Gene Kelley, Donald O'Conner and Debbie Reynolds.

11. I have played piano for the past 16 years and flute for the past 14.

12. I lived in Hermantown, MN for three years and developed a love for the Twins, MN Wild and all accents from the midwest. I have one of my own to boot!

13. I still bite my nails no matter how many times I've tried to stop.

14. I had never taken shots of anything till last night.

15. I had never shopped at Nordstrom for clothes until last year when I bought three pairs of jeans for 300+ dollars.

16. I never smoked anything till I came to college. I'd been offered quite a few things prior to college but always turned them down. To date I have smoked a cigar unsuccessfully and some cigarettes.

17. I could never do pull-ups growing up. Even my own mother called me a pansy at one point.

18. I am terrified of left turns across traffic because of an incident growing up. My mom yelled at me and said "DAMN YOU KAREN, GO" and I cried because my mom had never yelled or sworn at me before.

19. I am consistently a cold person so I sleep under 4-5 blankets with one being a comforter and another being an electric blanket. sometimes I even wear sweats or long underwear...even when it's summer.

20. I want to travel to all 50 states and see each capital building.

21. I hold my elementary's school record for the Sit and Reach. I'm hella flexible and can put my palms flat on the ground with my elbows bent. Nose to knees anyone?

22. My brother and I had a homemade slingshot for awhile and launched golf balls from the Golf Course out of our backyard...across the pond and to the road that was across the way. We hit a house.

23. I used to fall asleep on the bus growing up and my brothers once left me on the bus sleeping.

24. The one time I received a black eye was from when I was trying to jump from the swing to the monkey bars in our backyard. I swung around and hit a post with my face. Good times.

25. In 1st grade I punched a 3rd grader for making fun of me for being Korean. He doubled over. Too bad I hit him in front of the person on Duty for Recess.

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