Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday...tomorrow is Monday...and I hate laundry!

This weekend was to hang out with friends and get some stuff for my apartment. I am apparently terrible at hanging pictures because last night I was like 5 inches off on one side. The balance was off and my living room lost its nice "zen" feel...i would hammered more if it wasn't 11 at night.

Today was a failed day at laundry in my new place. I used my card to start a load in the washer and then promptly lost the card. It had $8.00 left on it too! I have no idea where it went and now all my laundry is spread all over the bathroom. one visit me today...I will be embarrassed over what's strewn about the bathroom.

I'm going to start reading more, the weekends seem like a good time to start that again; reading for fun that is. I read in college, but it was always for something I had to learn about, not something to make me happy. Maybe we'll start with some Jane Austen and a few other things that I'm interested in.

On a side note, I didn't go to church this morning because I've been really tired lately and since I forgot to post about last week, I'm going to do that today. See the most recent post...

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