Saturday, January 24, 2009

Update of Sorts...

I've been lazy lately about keeping this up and keeping up with old friends.  I don't think I've called Jessica since she left at the beginning of the month, so now I'm just really lame.  :(  I will call her this weekend.

There's not really a lot to write about right now.   I'm still kind of doing the same things...keeping myself busy with friends and other activities so I don't sit at home in my apartment alone all the time. I don't mind having nights home by myself on the occasion, but I really don't want that to be a habit...

Last night I went north to get korean food with Jon.  I ordered a rather unique dish I suppose because the waitress kind of snickered and tried to tell me that most 'americans' don't like the dish.  Obviously I am not a Korean person who eats all this food on a regular basis, but I really liked the dish.  In fact, there's leftovers that need to be eaten today. :)  It was an odd experience for sure.  The dish was chopped lettuce/cabbage marinated in a sweet/spicy sauce with cold pork.  The pork had been cooked and cut into fine slices.  It was good, but I guess I could see how some people wouldn't like it.    Some people really don't like Korean food....I think I'm going to have to work a little harder at finding a date and more people who do like it.  It's definitely not like Chinese or Japanese...or even Vietnamese food.  It's hard to explain.  

Last night I got a booty call text...I'm pretty sure the guy was not his normal self, turns out he was a bit inebriated.  Go figure.  None of that please.  Both of the above can be skipped. :)

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