Sunday, March 1, 2009

Grandparents are a gift

I truly believe my grandparents are a gift (both sides of the family). I went to visit my mom's parents for the day this weekend and what a treat it was. The food was okay, the dog bit my toes, my grandma drives an old woman, my grandpa has difficulty getting out of his chair (BUT WALKS without a walker!!) and in spite of these aging signs and hearing stories told over and over, I loved being there. I don't know how accurate the stories are, but it was so much fun to hear them both reminisce about childhood and how the world was when they were younger.

At one point we were talking about tips left for waiters and waitresses and my grandpa asked grandma what the biggest tip she received was...$0.25. :) There was a lot of laughter over that one. I think she must've worked as a waitress when she was in high school.

I also heard venting about how stupid the name "Red Canoe" bank or credit union was on the drive back to their house. Funny how one name can set a person off, but it made them both quite endearing. They both love each other so much. It's cute how much they pay attention to each other and make sure things are just so.

They have the craziest Yorkie dog. She's lost some teeth now so her tongue hangs out the side of her mouth. Yesterday, grandma had managed to put the dogs ear up in the little top knot. I think Dolly didnt' like that very much. She demanded treats later. :) A spoiled rotten dog, but great company for them. They dote on her so much and are so happy to have her.

I'm sure getting older isn't easy for anyone...both the ones aging and those who take care of those who are aging. But right now, I'm grateful for any and all time I get to spend with them because they're getting older and won't be here all the time. I know, I'll see them again someday, but in the meantime...while I have them now, I've realized the importance of just being with those you love when you can. That making the effort is important because you never know what the future may bring.

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