Saturday, March 21, 2009

Patience, how I need you.

I have been listening lately a lot to this song: 마음이 상한 자를(Cello) by 소리엘 on a Korean Worship Album I purchased in 2002 and it sounds so beautiful and yet bittersweet at the same time. I image that it's a song about two friends who are parting ways and that they're not sure when they'll see each other again. But that they both know each will go their own path and go on to do great things with their lives.

I also imagine it being a love song...a song about unconditional love that in spite of the hurt and pain that sometimes comes in relationships, that there will always be this unconditional love offered. Just like how Christ loves His church. It's a song that pours out emotion and lays everything on the line.

Sometimes I wish I could be like that. Be comfortable with changes and saying good-bye like the two friends parting or to show unconditional love to everyone around me. I lost my temper this week and I really had no excuse. Even with a person yelling at me on the phone there's no reason for me to take it out on someone else. I apologized and things are okay, but I wish I hadn't responded that way. It's been a lot easier for me to get frustrated lately and I don't like that I've become so impatient with people or how and when things are done. I find that I often want things done on my schedule and I know I've written about this before, but it's an ongoing struggle that I want to deal with.

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