Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Pictures

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Thought I'd finally get around to uploading some of the pictures I took with a 35 mm film camera this past year. I unfortunately developed 8 rolls and while I have prints of each photo, i don't have digital images of each print. The company screwed up and I have multiple copies on CD's of the same roll! AHHHH! I have 4 discs that have the same 20 some pictures.

On the other hand...these pictures from the film camera turned out pretty well. The Fort Casey pictures are from a weekend getaway in February and the rest are well...Christmas and other winter-time photo ops. Thank you Pfaus for letting me "borrow" your camera for such a long time. I'm happy to have a DSLR now, but your 35 mm SLR certainly kept me busy. I'm glad you helped me refine my hobby during the winter months.


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