Sunday, August 2, 2009

Who's gonna be there...

I'm finding more and more that there's a distinct difference between great or best friends than regular hangout friends. I currently have 3 maybe 4 best friends who all live in different areas of the world. The reason they're great friends is because when I'm hurting or in trouble, they will call, email or visit me in the blink of an eye. This is distinctly different from the ones you call who ignore your call and never return it to talk to you.

I was sad on Friday after returning from my grandparents house. It wasn't that the visit didn't go well or anything like that. I had a marvelous time down there. But grandma wanted to talk about my older brothers and then we started talking about death and it just made me sad. I know my grandparents are getting older, but that doesn't mean I enjoy talking about death or even want to think about the day they're gone. I don't like the idea at all. So on my way home I called a friend because I just wanted to get these things off my mind. Well, they never returned my call. Mad? A little...I thought they were someone I could talk to if needed. I only called because I couldn't think of anyone else in the area. So with that I went to bed early.

Saturday though...I went to look a condo. It has a lot of work and is probably not something I want to purchase right now. It was listed as a 1 bedroom but in reality it's a studio with a loft for a bedroom. Still no call back. I'm not expecting this person to be a best friend, but the decency of a call back would've been nice.

After looking at the condo that I started chatting to one of my friends who I've known since elementary school. In the midst of chatting she kept trying to come up with ways she could see me. On Friday I had wanted to drive all night to just get out of town. She offered to meet me for a late dinner in Ellensburg, but we decided or mostly she decided that she would drive out to see me on the 21st. I have a date for a wedding AND I get to see one of my closest friends. I'm grateful for her and for all the years we've been friends. She has certainly gone the extra mile this if only I can find a way to do the same for her when she's in need of a close friend. With that all I can say is Thank you...from the bottom of my heart.

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