Tuesday, June 23, 2009

State to pay for teens education

A Special Education student in Oregon is getting his private education funded by the state because under a Federal Law, school districts have to reimburse students or families for education costs when public schools don't have services that address or fulfill the student's needs. The Disabilities Education Act states that special ed students are entitled to a free and appropriate public education.

This is quite the interesting article. I'm not sure that I'm totally okay with the decision. As much as I am a fan of special needs students getting a proper education and the tools to succeed...should the state really pay out 65K for a teen's private education? The Public Schools are lacking in a lot of ways...and you have to wonder if teh school really is lacking or if the family just wants the private education so their child doesn't have to go to a public school.

Public schools definitely have a bad reputation because often they're poorly funded or lacking in the things private schools have. Often a monetary issue. For Example, Idaho is often lacking items in the technology sector. A lot of that equipment is out-dated and does not properly equip anyone (employee or student) to succeed elsewhere. It's an unfortunate thing that this is product of all these laws meant to make education available to everyone.

I can't say I'd be okay with my tax dollars going for it. Education is strange.


Lee Ryan said...

my honest opinion - money for the school isn't a big factor for the outcome. Biggest influences are the families.

kiki5253 said...

families are the most important i think in helping students and children succeed in life. No doubt there.

But that being said, sometimes you can have the best intentions and money can still get in the way. A lack of funding, administrative politics and support from family is huge when it comes to education. I went to public school and came out fine. There are things I wish I had. I then chose a private school for college. That being said...primary and secondary school are quite different from higher education.