Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Unfortunate things in life...

It's an unforunate realization when you find out the clothes that you're wearing are slightly see-thru. Especially when you have the rest of the day to's only lunch time now. Guess that means I'm stuck. I had no idea the dress I was wearing was that thin...sigh. Now I know better.

I've also realized that there are certain things I just don't want to know about people. Things that I don't need to hear and things that aren't going to improve a friendship...only make it weird. And I mean weird in a weird way...not a bad way.

Things like infections...those can be kept to yourself. Infections like UTI's...STD's...if i'm not sleeping with you or going to sleep with you, I really don't need to know. If it's not life-threatening or something that's going to affect me (something I would need to know about) or something extremely funny, please don't tell me. Just's not that I like you's just that you kind of weirded me out. I know these things happen to everyone at some point.

Barfing is one thing...a funny barfing story though...another thing :) Like the time I got sick and my parents were hosting a BBQ and had everyone come over. I was in bed sick and all of my parents friend's children opened my bedroom door to stare at me. Since i'm blind as a bat without contacts, it was hard to see, I just knew I wanted to be sick, so I loudly said, please leave...i'm about to throw up. Unfortunately I think they saw me. : Or the time in preschool when I drank too much apple juice and graham crackers and spewed things up...I still can't drink apple juice without having a gag reflex.


Lee Ryan said...

Ha - I'm pretty sure I've had dreams about that; showing up at work and everyone giving funny looks. :-)

I gag when I smell peppermint schnapps; long story.

kiki5253 said...

ooo...Peppermint tell :)

Lee Ryan said...

Well - maybe it's not too much of a long story. It was quite a while ago; 1994. I was in the middle of a work-related-training program; 6-months, pretty intense. One saturday night I said: "To hell with it!", bought a bottle of Rumpplemints and drank a suprisingly large fraction of it.

My roomates asked: "Lee!....Blowing a little steam are you?"

Lee: [stares back blankly] "Youuuupp!!"

It was a really long Sunday morning.

kiki5253 said...

Nice! or tequila shots might have been better than a bottle of schnapps.

Lee Ryan said...

I suppose. There was one occasion where some people I worked with got me loaded on tequila. But instead of making me sick, I've been able to sip tequila straight ever since. Not sure what happened there; brain damage probably.