Sunday, October 16, 2011

COEX Subway Station

COEX Subway Station by kiki5253
COEX Subway Station, a photo by kiki5253 on Flickr.

Shopping at the COEX was a little too expensive, so unni and I went to Jamsil instead. There was a lot of stuff and I saw the entry to Lotte World...I'm not so sure I need to go into Lotte World, but it was certainly interesting to see how "similar" it was to Disney things...I guess I never realized just how much Korea copies certain things in the U.S.

I found some cute heels and some new hair accessories while I was out today. I had actually been on a mission for some boots, but it turns out heels go better with most of the outfits I wear anyway...

I may try to fit in a little more shopping for clothing (like a big comfy sweater and some skirts) before I leave. This is in addition to the various souvenirs I plan on buying. I don't really have much I want, but I do plan on getting a handful of gifts for some of my coworkers and a few other friends/family members.

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