Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day One Down...

Day one is down and day two is just beginning. Yesterday, I needed a nap after getting up at 6 to ride a bike around the neighborhood. Katie went running and I followed along behind her. It really helped me get oriented with the neighborhood...I'm really close to a Subway stop and a large University. If I get too lost I can just hop in a cab and tell someone I want to go to Hanguk University of Foreign Studies.

Yesterday I tried to go see some palaces and museums, but they were all closed on Tuesday. I'll have to go again some time soon. Last night Katie and I also found a little arts festival by way of my friend Chang Myeung and listened to some great music. It was a little hard to find though...but Chang Myeung found us at the subway and it worked out.

Today I am going to go to school with Katie. I think I'll be there for just half of the day and then go meet up with Chang Myeung to catch up. I haven't talked to him as much lately, so it'll be nice to catch up with him today. I'll also see him again with another couple of friends on Friday for dinner. It's great to see so many of my friends here in Korea!

Oh yeah...I'll try to post some pictures that I took yesterday tonight or early tomorrow morning.


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