Friday, October 7, 2011

Preparing Kitters for My Departure

Moving a pet from one location to another is especially distressing...not only for kitters, but for me. Sure there are some funny moments...such as him hiding behind the toilet or slinking around the house because he's scared, but I am also worried that he'll just have a terrible time because he's so timid. Maybe I shouldn't worry about it so much because he's a cat...but he's my cat.

I leave on Sunday...I'm still winding down from work I means I'm still very anxious and worried about things in spite of my excitement...right now the anxiety may be trumping the excitement for my vacation. I hope things will calm down tomorrow. I need to get a lot of sleep so the jet lag isn't bad. I want to be able to meet up with all my friends and still have a semi-cheerful disposition after 13-14 hours of flying time.


Kate said...

Don't worry.. Even if your exhausted we can go home and u can pass out :P

Anonymous said...

Dear Karen,
Where are you? At first I was so scared I hid inside the bottom of the recliner. Now I am out and playing with my toys and following your mother all around the house. She is an easy mark.
I just have to look at her and she stops whatever she is doing to pet me and talk to me in a silly voice.
I'm still getting used to when doors shut, but I like the windows. The only strange thing are these big dogs (called deer) who come right up and look in the window at me. We don't have any dogs like this in Seattle.
Remember, I am waiting for you, Winslow