Friday, October 14, 2011

Mobile Phone and T-Money Card

I don't know where I would be without a rented phone and a T-Money card. These are amazing!

The rental phone is a little expensive, but not too bad. It's about 2000KRW each day and then 600KRW per minute/phone calls and 100KRW texts messages. All incoming calls and texts are free. It's only when you send messages that you're charged.

I rented mine at the airport, so I was able to pick it up when I arrived and I'll return it at the airport upon my departure. I can make international calls with the phone if I need it and I think the rates are much better than what AT&T charges for international roaming. Even so, I still brought my iPhone with me so I could use all the wireless and iPod functions of the various apps. There isn't as much free Wireless as I had hoped, but that's okay. There's enough to get me by for now. Don't get me wrong, there is ample wireless coverage throughout Seoul, but you have to be a subscriber and in order to be a subscriber you have to have either a Korean Social Security number or an Alien Registration Number. Neither of which a tourist would be eligible.

Now, as for the T-Money Card, you can pay on the Subway, Bus, Taxi and some convenience stores. It's really handy because it's a pre-loaded card and there are many money loading stations. You can use the English Menus to decide how much you'd like to load and then you place your card on the appropriate slot, load your money and then viola! You're done!

So far, I have used about 10,000KRW this week during my travels. So if it helps any of you planners out there, you will most likely be able to get around Seoul on 10,000KRW each week.

That's all my knowledge for now...I'll post more as I learn more.


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