Thursday, July 2, 2009

Car Repairs

I think I must be one of the worlds worst carers for cars. It's not that I don't know the basics of caring for my's that I put things off...or I think things take a lot longer than they really do.

I have a slow leak in one, maybe two tires. I know I need to go to Les Schwab or something like that to get it fixed. But for some reason I was under the impression that it'd take a day. I'm also at the 13,500 mile mark and need to rotate my tires and take it in for a checkup. Regular upkeep to keep other problems from happening. It's just not my strength to keep track of these things. I have no interest...I just want my Malibu to get me from Point A to Point B. In this case, I want to be ableo safely travel 350 miles to Lewiston, ID and not have a blowout or other accident. I guess this means I need to finally get around to fixing my tires. It's been two months and I've put air in my tire twice now.

This must be a sign about my personality or's a flaw...there's a flaw somewhere that keeps from from taking care of these things right away like a good car caretaker would. I guess my advice would be don't neglect your car. Now if only I could take that to heart.


Lee Ryan said...

I've definately got the same problem.

kiki5253 said...

On the bright side, my flat tire was fixed without charge...and they rotated my tires.

All in all, a good morning for car repairs.