Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Panic Attack!

The crows are having a panic attack on campus today. Swarms of them are flooding the trees in the loop. You can't hear anything other than their chatter. Maybe the gods are angry and the gateway to hell opened above SPU.

On a side note, crows are considered to be luckky in East Asia. Maybe it's a sign that the campus is blessed and we'll have a profitable year.

Crows also show signs of intelligence. They can learn and adapt their behaviors easily. A study about a crow versus a squirrel showed each animal pushing a quarter in to get food. When the quarter was placed elsewhere the crow was able to find the quarter and push it in while the squirrel just gave up because it didn't know what to do. The crow had learned that the quarter was the giver of food.

Either way, it's a nightmare. The crows swoop down on people as they walk through the loop...dive bombing whoever comes close to their trees. The demon crows have returned in full force!

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