Friday, July 10, 2009

The Nine Tailors

I'm going to see The Nine Tailors perform...however, there are only four. The band members:
Kurt Schulervocals, guitar, shoes, syntax, bus, ties…
Steven Hardindrums, vocals, keys, coffee, shower, BBQ…
Zach Cartwrightbass, keys, tuba, couch, WOW…
Seth Mooreguitar, keys, bicycle, inspiration, scotch…
From the website:

Emerging in the summer of 2008, The Nine Tailors draw heavily on the literary influences of Southern Gothic writer Flannery O' Connor and Ernest Hemingway. Named for the traditional tolling of nine low-ringing bells following the death of a man in 18th- century England, long time acquaintances Steven Hardin and Kurt Schuler began forming their tight knit friendship in 2008 while pounding out haunting melodies in a makeshift practice space in a Greenwood garage.
Borrowing from the stark simplicity of cult favorites like David Bazan and Mark Kozelek, as well as the eccentric energy and lyrical phrasing of Modest Mouse, The Nine Tailors craft eerily beautiful songs that take you out towards the rugged coastlines and evergreens of the Northwest, to the desolation of the Pacific.

Band member, Kurt Schuler says, “It’s not about despair, but about breaking through the comfortable to a place where we can confront the inevitability of death and the urgency contained in the struggles of life.” In the process of songwriting, Schuler says he never knows what will happen. “In creating characters, the songs end up shaping themselves. I’m usually surprised at how little control I have in the outcome. What needs to happen, happens.”
Whether journeying through the minds of strange sailors and fishermen, or the trailers of the Midwest where dogs lie chained to broken- down pick up trucks, you can be sure The Nine Tailors are one of Seattle’s up-and-coming indie folk acts worth checking out.

This is my shameless plug for The Nine Tailors. If you read this blog, please head over to for a listen. An EP will be released at the end of the this month...I think there are plans to make it available online. I'll let you know what I find out about that.

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