Thursday, July 2, 2009

Whine Whine Whine...Boo Hoo...

What's with complaining? Why do we do it? It just aggitates us or makes others not like us. I mean...yes, I do care about you and your situation...but if all you're going to do with bitch and moan, should I really be expected to sit there and listen?

When is complaining too much? When do we reach that point of annoyance and bitterness? How do we manage and control these feelings?

It would be dumb to say that these feelings don't matter...logically I'm sure these feelings can be reasoned away. But it's not exactly healthy to ignore the things that upset you. It's not healthy either to be a constant complainer. Saying sorry only gets you so far to.

I'm sure I complain about a lot of things. Not sayimg I'm perfect at all. But have you ever asked yourself...if I were talking to myself, would I not listen too? Would I be annoyed? I think I'd quickly grow tired of listening to my remarks...maybe not, but most likely yes. This probably means I need to tone it down It's just something that takes say it sucks, you deal with is and move on...or you let it go. Don't close your fist around it or let t upset you'll just become bitter inside and it will eat away at you. Before you know it, you'll be short tempered...easily upsettable and no one will want to be around you unless they absolutely have to because they pity you. And who wants that??!? I think you'd have to be absolutely insane to think that's okay.

My resolution for this afternoon is to not complain at work about people or tasks that I have to do. I'm going to start showing my employees that there's a better way to handle problems and different issue and that there's an appropriate response to each situation.

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