Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Blackberry

I use a Blackberry and I love it. It's small, easy to use and fits in my pocket quite nicely. (girl pockets are usually smaller and since the pants are skin tight, a small phone is a good thing).

However, I do have a frustration with my phone. SPU doesn't have a Blackberry Exchange Server and I'm okay with that. I can still receive my mail over IMAPS and send messages. What I'm miffed about, is the fact that without exchange, the Crackberry can only update mail over the air. The damned phone can't grab contacts or calendar items over the air. It has to be done by manually syncing the device to a computer.

I never plug my phone into a computer. Guess that makes this problem my fault, huh? Well...the software often craps out. I've supported people with these lovely little berry devices and while they're stable, the desktop software has almost always needed to be reinstalled. Go figure.

The other thing that's annoying, is with my mail...I can't view subfolders in my all I get is junk mail and my top level folder. I could do without the junk mail...all the emails asking if I want some action or look at special photos. Nope, not for me. I'm not sending you my password either. I also get duplicate messages. So pretty much RIM sucks at this IMAPS thing because I get duplicate messages and only my top level folder and junk mail. I don't want to view or read the 30-40 some junk mail messages each day. I don't want to see duplicate messages everytime I respond to an email in Outlook. Doesn't do it when I respond on my why the hell does it do that when I respond in Outlook? It's not like Outlook is putting a duplicate message in my mailbox. Exchange 2007 works fine...IMAPS works fine in Outlook. This is not a Microsoft problem...this is a Blackberry problem.

Other than that...I really do love my phone. It's a refurb that hasn't given me a lick of trouble. Never rebooted on me, never lost my data, never failed to connect...none of the apps have ever crashed on me. Granted, I just did a software upgrade so my battery life seems to be dead. That or my Gmail app is updating too ofte and killing the battery life. I used to be able to go for days without charging. Now I make it a day or two. hmmm...

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