Friday, July 3, 2009

Something Sweet

There's something wonderful about the game of golf. You get to socialize with some of your favorite people and drive or walk the fairways at a leisurely pace. There's usually sun when you're in Lewiston and then there's the thrill about whacking that golf ball as hard and as far as you possibly can. We also can't forget the feeling of sinking a sweet putt.

Even on the Wii, golf is still one of my favorite pasttimes. For those of you who've met me recently, you wouldn't think so based on the fact that I don't golf often and you won't find me at the driving range more than once every few months. I'm not the competitive type in that I won't persue my hobby full time, but I am competitive in the sense of if I play with you...I still want to beat you. ;-)

It's one of my simplest pleasures...whacking a golf ball as far as I can. Granted, I need some stronger arms, wrists, hands and pretty much everything else because I don't hit far, but nevertheless...I like to think I'm pretty decent. If I didn't have a job and I wasn't'd probably find me at a golf course as often as possible. I love morning golf when the sun is rising and there's mist over the lake. I love the anguish over hitting a water hazard or slicing into a bunker. No matter what the outcome is, if I get a Birdie, Par, Double Bogey or I just don't want to admit that I suck, it's still a great game for me. I can play with my parents...I can play with my friends and I can play with my coworkers. It's an easy game to pick up and is accessible to most people.

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